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With this being my very first blog post, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to check out the official Sounds of the Eclipse Productions website! I hope you find it easy to navigate to find the information you need, get familiar with who we are, and eventually discover the right music to compliment your song or project.

This site is the result of a culmination of ideas that I've had brewing for quite some time.  Sounds of the Eclipse Productions (SOTE) has been around since 2004 making exclusive-only, custom beats, instrumentals, and musical scores for artists, video producers, and film projects. It wasn't until recently that I wanted to expand my audience beyond just having one-on-one collaborations. I've held on to a library of music that I've created over the years, not for any particular artist or project, but for that "just in case" moment. That moment is now and I've decided to open up my library for the purpose of licensing, both exclusive and non-exclusive, and to continue creating new, cutting-edge music to expand it in both breadth and depth. In addition to providing music for licensing, we'll be offering additional services with the goal of being a comprehensive music solutions provider, not just a beat shop. Thus, here I am and here we are today. Our mission and purpose of existence is to create well-crafted, professionally-produced music that fit a wide variety of genres, styles, and media platforms to bring your creative ideas and vision to life!

Site Updates

At the time of this writing, this site is going through the final phase of construction and overhaul of the new Beat Shop. Pretty much every page of the SOTE website is nearly complete and functional with the exception of the Beat Shop, which should be completed and ready for browsing by mid-July, 2017. I had originally built an online beat shop but had difficulties with its interface and functionality. Having being known as somewhat of a stickler for details, I've decided to rebuild it from the ground up with the purpose of providing you with an amazing browsing and shopping experience. Other than some additional back-end work that needs to be done, this website is live and ready for exploration.

If you'd like to get site updates and to know exactly when the new Beat Shop will be launched, I encourage you to subscribe to our free Newsletter to receive updates and official announcements via email. Our Newsletter is also a great way to learn about promotions that will occur weekly along with new music that gets uploaded to the Beat Shop.

Thank you again for being a guest to our realm called Sounds of the Eclipse. I encourage constructive feedback and see it as a gift so please comment below or reach out via email at info@soteproductions.com.


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