Official YouTube Channel Now Live!

I am very excited to announce that the official Sounds of the Eclipse Productions YouTube Channel is now live!

The channel will feature beat and instrumental videos synchronized to stunning visuals which highlight the music available in our Beat Shop. Here's our very first published beat video!


In addition, I'll be publishing "behind-the-beat" clips which have been featured on Instagram, but this time in High Definition! These are 1-minute trailers of the music production process that document my process of creating these beats. Here's our very first published Behind-the-Beat trailer of the making of "Time Out"!


One of the goals for our YouTube channel is to showcase our beats and instrumentals for artists to evaluate prior to leasing the beats and for the general listener to simply enjoy good music. But what I'm truly excited about is that I'll soon be creating candid beat-making videos to showcase the entire process of building a new beat from start to finish! I think it would be pretty dope for the audience to see a new track being created from scratch to then be available to them for their album or mixtape!

Please check out our new channel by clicking on the YouTube logo above. If you'd like to support the growth of the channel and see more content I highlighted above, please hit the "thumbs up" button to these videos and subscribe to our channel!


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