What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). All transactions are made via Paypal. However, you do not need a Paypal account to make your purchases.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Purchase?

All non-exclusive purchases are available for download immediately upon payment. For exclusive purchases, downloads are typically instant but please allow up to 24 hours.

What's the Difference Between Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Licenses?

Non-exclusive purchases are basically conditional licensing (permission) rights granted to the purchaser for limited use of the track. The same track can be leased several times to different artists. Exclusive purchases grant the purchaser full permission from us to profit from it on a commercial scale. However, you can’t actually “own” the instrumental as it is a transfer of rights. The track is taken off the market will not be resold to any other artists. Details are available in the Beats page under License Terms when selecting a track.

Do I Have to Pay the Producer a Percentage of Royalties Earned From Commercial Use?

All non-exclusive licenses are 100% royalty-free and is limited to 2- 7 years, depending on the non-exclusive licence you purchase. With Exclusive and Custom Music licenses, artists must pay 2% of net profits from Master use to the Producer. All publishing will be split 25/75 (Us/You). Exclusive and Custom Music licenses are in perpetuity.

How Does the Copyright Situation Work?

Sounds of the Eclipse Productions will retain all copyright ownership of the instrumentals. However, for Exclusive and Custom Music licenses, you will retain copyright ownership of the sound recording (i.e. the Masters). For non-exclusive purchases, we recommend that you file a joint copyright for the song that you record to the instrumental, listing you as a contributor to lyrics and composition of melody. You must contact us before doing so as you will need to add the Producer information for contribution as a composer as well. Non-exclusive licenses are valid for two years, after which, the copyright will be contractually void. We do not collect royalties for non-exclusive licenses.

How Do I Credit the Producer?

For all physical media, please use: “Produced by Sounds of the Eclipse Productions."   For video outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., please use: “Produced by Sounds of the Eclipse Productions - http://soteproductions.com.

Do You Use Samples in Your Music Production?

All tracks are original and sample-free. However, we are capable of making a track similar in style and feel of a familiar track upon request.

What Are Track-Outs/Track Stems?

Track-outs, also known as “track stems,” are the separated audio files that when put together, form the completed instrumental. For instance, the bass, keyboards, kick drum, snare drum, synth, and so on are provided in separate audio files. This is to allow the artist or the engineer the freedom to customize the mix of the instrumental around your vocals, video, or film. If you purchased a license that include track stems, you will have access to download a zip file containing all audio wav files that make up the completed instrumental. Please note that these audio files are not mixed (i.e. no effects or dynamics processing, panning is centered, and volume levels set to their recorded decibels. However, the audio files are bounced to the arrangement of the completed instrumental which allows you to simply set the bpm of your DAW, import the files, and not have to worry about moving audio clips to create an arrangement. You will still have the freedom to rearrange the audio clips to suit your particular arrangement tastes if necessary.

Let's Get Back to Listening

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