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Strengthening Your Artistic Vision Through Great Music

We have one objective - to create quality music of the highest standards that elevate your song, video, or film project to a whole new level. If you're serious about success with your craft, your music selection better be serious with it too. With over a decade of experience and a foundation deeply rooted in music fundamentals, Sounds of the Eclipse Productions brings you music that we're confident you'll be excited about.


 Meet the Producer

Karl "K.O." Esguerra

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K.O.'s music is the culmination of his musical inspirations that originated with Jazz. Layered with Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, and Soul, he is the medium by which they join together to form his unique and distinctive sound. His music is of genuine emotion coupled with urban intelligence, honesty, and attitude.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California, K.O. is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine School of Music where he specialized in Jazz trumpet performance and composition. He was trained by some of the finest Jazz musicians in the world, including Grammy Nominee Bobby Rodriguez, Charles Owens, and Kei Akagi. K.O. has toured the United States and Europe playing lead trumpet for Rock/Soul legend Solomon Burke and has also recorded with numerous chart-topping artists.

K.O.'s vast knowledge of music theory and harmony doesn't end with crankin' out beats for singers and Hip-Hop artists. He is an accomplished composer, songwriter, orchestrator, and arranger of dramatic music and film scores. In retrospect, K.O.'s wizardry of turning raw musical ideas into masterful arrangements, right down to the final recording, is what makes him a highly versatile producer and artist.

In 2004, K.O. founded Sounds of the Eclipse Productions with the vision to create the most sophisticated sounds for any artist, any genre, and any media platform. His sound factory provides beats, soundtracks, and full-blown music production to up-and-coming artists, video bloggers, and filmmakers as well as seasoned veterans. To date, he has collaborated with artists such as Bizzy Bone, Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Criminal, Soldier Ink, Fingazz, Epademik, and Rawlo to name a few.

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